Gabru Story

In October 2023, life was testing me with tough times. To clear my mind, I’d walk through my colony, and that’s when I met them: six palm-sized puppies chasing after their mother. Their innocent playfulness made me forget my worries, and I felt a pull to help them survive. I began feeding them regularly, ordering dog food and sometimes sharing my home-cooked meals. They grew to love my presence, licking my feet and dancing with joy around me. It filled my heart with happiness to see them so lively.

One puppy, Gabru, was distinct with his mock-angry face, but he would greet me with soft barks and licks, his way of expressing his hunger and affection. As winter neared, concerns for their shelter grew. Before I could act, they had already nestled under the stairs of my building. I thought they’d be safe there.

But life on the streets is harsh. One day, as they played, a car struck one puppy dead. The loss was sudden and painful, leaving us all in mourning. As days passed, another puppy disappeared, and despite my search, I never found him.

My routine was to feed them, spend time with them, and provide as much care as I could. But I lived alone and had to work, leaving the puppies without constant care. Neighbors started to complain about the puppies making the building dirty. I tried to keep the area clean, even paying the sweepers, but the objections continued. When the winter cold became severe, the neighbors barred the puppies from sheltering under the stairs.

Desperate to protect them, I fashioned a temporary shelter with a large cardboard box and an old jacket. They survived that bitter night. In the following days, they found a vacant building to take refuge in. I hoped they would be safe from the winter there.

But tragedy struck again. One evening, I found only one puppy with their mother; the others were missing. The following morning, the realization hit hard: Gabru was gone. His death was a profound blow; despite his robust health, he didn’t survive. The heartache was palpable, especially for one puppy who mourned Gabru deeply and soon after, vanished, only to be found lifeless.

Out of the six, only one remained, Despite my efforts, and even after consulting a vet, the surviving puppy slipped into depression. I continued to leave his favorite food out, hoping he’d eat. On the third day, to my relief, he began to walk around and eat again. He was improving.

From the six, only one made it through. If only they had a shelter and more kindness from people, they might have all survived. I did everything I could, but it wasn’t enough.

This isn’t just Gabru’s story; it’s the story of all stray dogs who suffer and often die unnoticed—victims of cold, poison, or accidents. This heart-wrenching yet eye-opening experience propelled me to take action, leading to the creation of a community-driven initiative: $Gabru Token. Gabru Token is more than a cryptocurrency; it’s a beacon of hope for stray dogs suffering around the globe.

Thank you for your support and for believing in a cause greater than ourselves. Let’s extend our compassion far beyond the celebrity dogs, to every stray in need.